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Letter Opener

Preview email in the browser instead of sending it. This means you do not need to set up email delivery in your development environment, and you no longer need to worry about accidentally sending a test email to someone else's address.

Rails Setup

First add the gem to your development environment and run the bundle command to install it.

gem "letter_opener", :group => :development

Then set the delivery method in config/environments/development.rb

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :letter_opener

Now any email will pop up in your browser instead of being sent. The messages are stored in tmp/letter_opener.

Non Rails Setup

If you aren't using Rails, this can be easily set up with the Mail gem. Just set the delivery method when configuring Mail and specify a location.

require "letter_opener"
Mail.defaults do
  delivery_method LetterOpener::DeliveryMethod, :location => "tmp/letter_opener"

Project Status

Unfortunately I have not had time to actively work on this project recently. If you find a critical issue where it does not work as documented please ping me on Twitter and I'll take a look.

Development & Feedback

Questions or comments? Please use the issue tracker. If you would like to contribute to this project, clone this repository and run bundle and rake to run the tests.

Special thanks to the mail_view gem for inspiring this project and for their mail template.