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Dolphin.Pro is a website platform that allows users to mix and match modules to create unique functionality for their sites. With Dolphin.Pro, users can install default modules or choose from thousands available at the BOONEX Market. Dolphin.Pro supports multiple languages, offers a variety of design templates, and includes a mobile connector for iOS and Android apps.


Dolphin.Pro offers a vast array of modules that cater to various website functionalities. From ads and articles to blogs, chat, and polls, users can mix and match modules to create the website they envision. With modules for classified ads, personal blogs, group chat, and more, Dolphin.Pro provides the tools needed to create a dynamic and engaging online community.


To install Dolphin.Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Dolphin.Pro installer from the official website.
  2. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Dolphin.Pro on your server.
  3. After installation, log in to the Dolphin.Pro admin panel to configure your site settings and modules.

Multi-Language Support

Dolphin.Pro supports multiple languages, allowing users to create sites in their preferred language. Users can make their own translations or obtain language files from the BOONEX Market. Dolphin.Pro includes a language selector to allow site visitors to choose their preferred language.

Design Templates

Dolphin.Pro offers a variety of design templates that users can choose from to customize the look of their sites. Users can also create their own templates or purchase templates from the BOONEX Market. Dolphin.Pro includes a design template manager to easily switch between different templates.

Mobile Connector

Dolphin.Pro is tightly integrated with Dolphin iOS and Android apps, allowing users to customize, rebrand, and extend the mobile apps with additional modules. The mobile connector provides seamless integration between Dolphin.Pro sites and the mobile apps, allowing users to access site content on the go.

For more information about Dolphin.Pro and its features, visit the official website at