Dolphin Connect Setup for ChatPlus

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Note: This requires an existing installation of Chat+. See the install instructions for Ubuntu or CentOS (a VPS/dedicated server is required to install Chat+).

1. From Dolphin

To allow site members to login to Chat+, you'll need to link it to Dolphin. This is done using the new Dolphin Connect system introduced in 7.3.0. First, install these modules from the Admin Panel => Modules => Add & Manage:

  • OAuth2 Server
  • Chat+

You do not need to install the Dolphin Connect module, as Chat+ uses its own version.

Next, under Admin Panel => Modules => OAuth2 Server, fill in these details:

  • Title: Enter "Chat+" or anything else - this is for internal use only
  • URL: The full URL for Chat+, use the same URL configured for Chat+

And click "Submit". A Client Key and Client Secret will be created, which are used by Chat+ to communicate with Dolphin.

2. From Chat+

Login to Chat+ with the admin account details (from the install), and click the username in the top-left corner to reveal the Account Menu. From the Account Menu, click Administration to access Chat+'s Admin Panel. Under Settings, click OAuth. Scroll down the list and look for "Dolphin", and expand it to reveal the Dolphin Connect settings. Set:

  • Dolphin URL: Enter the URL under the Information section of the OAuth2 module.
  • Dolphin Login: Check "True" to enable Dolphin Connect support
  • Dolphin Key: Enter the Client Key from the OAuth2 module.
  • Dolphin Secret: Enter the Client Secret from the OAuth2 module.

A "Save Changes" button will appear under the forms - click it.

Test the Connection

Logout of Chat+ and on the login screen, click the blue button to use Dolphin Connect. You should be taken to Dolphin in a new window and asked to accept the connection with Chat+. Click the Approve button and return to Chat+. You should now be automatically logged into Chat+. If an Internal Server Error message appears in the top-right of Chat+, try restarting the server and trying again. If the issue continues, check the server log.

If the connection is successful, you can also change the "Show form-based Login" option under Accounts to "False" to only show the Dolphin Connect button.

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