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require 'oauth/controllers/consumer_controller'
class OauthConsumersController < ApplicationController
include Oauth::Controllers::ConsumerController
def index
# @consumer_tokens=ConsumerToken.all :conditions=>{:user_id=>}
# Instead return tokens of any 'current_user', otherwise empty array.
# This remove the dependency of a logged in user
# so that the plugin can be used as a primary login mechanism.
# And this shows a list of oauth targets to users
@consumer_tokens = (current_user && (ConsumerToken.all :conditions=>{:user_id=>})) || []
@services=OAUTH_CREDENTIALS.keys-@consumer_tokens.collect{|c| c.class.service_name}
# Change this to decide where you want to redirect user to after callback is finished.
# params[:id] holds the service name so you could use this to redirect to various parts
# of your application depending on what service you're connecting to.
def go_back
redirect_to root_url