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* Authentication part.
* A function auth - returns true if authentication was successfull
* if not, then function error will be called.
namespace Auth {
function authenticate() {
class Authenticate {
public var $userid;
function __construct() {
$this->userid = null;
//call the authenticate method that returns the authenticate variable;
$this->authenticate = $this->authenticate(); //true or false only
if($this->authenticate == false)
function authenticate() {
//Write your authenticate method here
//Return true if authenticated. Note: It should be strictly true
//For PragyanCMS authentication
return this->pragyanAuth();
public function error() {
//This function ll be the callback when authenticate returns false.
//You may exit the program here. Not exiting is no harm either.
echo "Authentication Failure.";
return false;
function pragyanAuth() {
ini_set("", "PHPSESSID");
ini_set("session.save_path", "/home/boopathi/tmp/sessions");
if(!isset($_SESSION['userId'])) {
echo "Session not set ";
return false;
if($_SESSION['userId'] == 0 ) {
echo "User Id is 0";
return false;
//set the userid if everything is fine.
$this->userid = $_SESSION['userId'];
return true;