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Hacker's Pastebin (curl to post your pastes)
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Hacker's Pastebin (curl to post your pastes)


Random URI

  • Send a POST or PUT request to paste.
  • cat SomeFile | curl -X PUT --data-urlencode paste@- localhost:8080
  • curl -X PUT --data-urlencode paste@myfile.txt localhost:8080
  • iostat | curl -X PUT --data-urlencode paste@- localhost:8080

Custom URI

  • -d name=customURI is to be included
  • cat somefile | curl -X PUT --data-urlencode paste@- -d name=customURI localhost:8080


  • git clone git://
  • cd pastebin
  • source #Sets the environment
  • make && make install

Running a server instance

  • ./bin/pb (or) just pb, as ./bin/ will be in your $PATH.
  • You can use the -p to specify port number. sudo ./bin/pb -p 80
  • To run forever, configure Port in utils/pastebin and use make {start|stop|restart}.


  • Clone the repository, make changes and make install && ./bin/pb to re-compile the source and run the server
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