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gen_bunny is a RabbitMQ client library for erlang whose primary goal is to be easy to use. Especially for simple publisher and consumer applications.

Getting the code

One of gen_bunny's goals is to make it as easy to get all the required code build it, and start using it as possible. To achieve this goal we've used rebar for dependency management, as our build tool, and as our test runner.

To get a local copy of gen_bunny only the following steps are needed.

git clone
cd gen_bunny
make test

Using rebar

Using rebar for dependency management means that gen_bunny can also be used as a rebar dependency. This is the preferred way to get gen_bunny into your application, and in fact at this time the only supported way.

To depend on gen_bunny in your application simply add the following line to your project's rebar.config file.

{deps, [{gen_bunny, ".*",
         {git, "", ""}}]}.

After that simply using rebar get-deps compile will fetch the necessary amqp_client and rabbit_common dependencies and build them along with gen_bunny.