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Philomena Build

Demo System

A demo install of this software can be found at Bear in mind that any data uploaded to this demo/test system will be lost after a couple of hours.

Getting started

On systems with docker and docker-compose installed, the process should be as simple as:

cp .env.example .env
docker-compose build
docker-compose up

If you use podman and podman-compose instead, the process for constructing a rootless container is nearly identical:

cp .env.example .env
podman-compose build
podman-compose up

Once the application has started, navigate to http://localhost:8080 and login with / DemoBooruPassword

System Requirements

Minimal requirements are 2 CPU threads and 4GB of RAM. A 5€/$ per month VPS will work well as development/testing machine.

Recommended for production with many active users would be 6+ dedicated CPU cores, 32+ GB of RAM, dedicated unlimited 1Gb/s network port or better and the system should use only SSD/NVMe as data storage to handle the required IOPS load.

If that is not enough capacity for your use case, consider using a couple of servers as "CDN" which only host the image files. We also suggest using Cloudflare or similar in front of the image board and configuring a cloudflare page rule to enfore caching of the image files.


If you are running Docker on Windows and the application crashes immediately upon startup, please ensure that autocrlf is set to false in your Git config, and then re-clone the repository. Additionally, it is recommended that you allocate at least 4GB of RAM to your Docker VM.

If you run into an Elasticsearch bootstrap error, you may need to increase your max_map_count on the host as follows:

sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

If you have SELinux enforcing, you should run the following in the application directory on the host before proceeding:

chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t .

This allows Docker or Podman to bind mount the application directory into the containers.

The postgres DB can be deleted like this:

docker container ls
docker container rm philomena_postgres_1
docker volume ls
docker volume rm philomena_postgres_data

To manually start the app container and run commands from docker/app/run-development or docker/app/run-prod, uncomment the entrypoint line in docker-compose.yml, then run docker-compose up. In another shell, run docker-compose exec app bash and you should be good to go. As next steps, you'll usually want to manually execute the commands from the above mentioned run scripts and look at the console output to see what the problem is. From this container, you can also connect to the postgresql database using psql -h postgres -U postgres.


cd ~
mkdir booru
cd booru
git clone
cd philomena
sed -i 's/DemoBooruPassword/YourNewDesiredSecretPassword/g' ~/booru/philomena/priv/repo/seeds.json
sed -i 's/' ~/booru/philomena/priv/repo/seeds.json
sed -i 's/Administrator/YourAdminAccountName/g' ~/booru/philomena/priv/repo/seeds.json
sed -i 's/MIX_ENV=dev/MIX_ENV=prod/g' ~/booru/philomena/docker-compose.yml
cp .env.example .env
docker-compose build

For production set DEV_MODE=false, APP_ENV=prod und MIX_ENV=prod in the file .env. For development, set DEV_MODE=true, APP_ENV=dev, and MIX_ENV=dev in the file .env. If you don't want a new db at every start in dev mode, set MIX_ENV=prod. If this is your first start on this machine or you reset the docker virtual disks, follow these steps to create a new database. Otherwise, just execute docker-compose up to start the application. To start the containers as daemon, run docker-compose up -d. To run it as process with log output to console, run docker-compose up.

Uncomment the entrypoint line in docker-compose.yml. Run docker-compose up. In another shell, run docker-compose exec app bash. Then:

mix ecto.setup
mix reindex_all
mix ecto.migrate
docker-compose down

Comment the entrypoint line in docker-compose.yml (add the # again). Then start the app by running docker-compose up.


To customize your booru, find and replace all occurences of the following words with your desired content

  • YourBooruName
  • YourBooruDescription (sample: Samplebooru is a linear imagebooru which lets you share, find and discover new art and media surrounding samples.
  • SomeRandomSampleSecret1234
  • Rule names that are selectable when reporting violations can be adjusted in lib/philomena_web/views/report_view.ex
  • In config/config.exs tumblr_api_key
  • Predefined forum sections can be changed in priv/repo/seeds.json in the forums section
  • Set a custom secret_key_base as SECRET_KEY_BASE system environment for the app container in the .env file. To create one such secret, run mix phx.gen.secret within the app container.


The baseUrl for image requests can be changed using the image_url_root variable in config/config.exs. This url is used for rendering images onto the html templates and changing it can be used to cache request with a cdn. The Proxy has to redirect to the /img endpoint of philomena. (see lib/philomena_web/views/image_view.ex:85). It is appended with either view or download depending on the context, as well as the date of upload and the image filename. Thumbnails will use the image-id as well as the thumbnail size (see lib/philomena_web/views/image_view.ex:47)

gdpr-cron container

The docker container located in docker/gdpr contains a cronjob scheduler used to comply with the european general data protection regulation. The list of scripts can be extended as needed

Adding a script to the container

Adding a new script to the container can be easily archived by creating the script file in the scripts folder and adding it to the crontab.txt, using the known crontab syntax


These scripts anonymize a range of different entities by replacing the given ip and setting referer, user-agent and user-fingerprints to an empty string 14 days after creation. The time can be configured using the MAX_{NAME}_AGE environment variable, where name is the name of the script in singular (anonymize_reports uses MAX_REPORT_AGE). The values is an postgresql intervals

The script uses postgres-client environment variables to configure the database connection

Except for the following variables which are overridden for compatibility with the variables for the postgres server:



Next-generation imageboard software. This software development project is independent from any image hosting project.








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