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C++Now 2016 Presentations

Slide deck guidelines for presenters

Tuesday, May 11

Morning (9:00-10:30) Keynote: Better Code
Bethe Booz Allen Hamilton Flug
Morning (11:00-12:30) Flowz: Towards an EDSL for Digital Signal Processing Typegrind: Type Preserving Heap Profiler for C++ C++14 Dependency Injection
Afternoon (2:00-3:30) Proper Inheritance (Part 1) CopperSpice: The Next Generation of Signals Practical Performance Practices
Afternoon (4:00-5:30) Proper Inheritance (Part 2) Metaprogramming for Dummies Monoids, Monads and Applicative Functors: Repeated Software Patterns

Wednesday, May 11

Bethe Booz Allen Hamilton Flug
Morning (9:00-10:30) C++14 Version of Boost.MSM-eUML Diet for your Templates: Reducing Code Bloat in your Templated Library Variants: Past, Present, and Future
Morning (11:00-12:30) Come Stream With Me: Build Performant, Simple, Parallel Applications in C++ Using RaftLib Documenting C++ Using the Right Tools array_ref: Multidimensional Array References for the C++ Standard Library
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Pulling Visitors Thread-safe Observer Pattern: You're Doing It Wrong Metaprogramming for the Brave
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Implementation of a Multithreaded Compile-Time ECS in C++14 Implementing a Lock-Free atomic_shared_ptr Friendship in Service of Testing
Design Patterns in the 21st Century

Thursday, May 12

Bethe Booz Allen Hamilton Flug
Morning (9:00-10:30) Let's Make a Web Match-3 Game in C++14 Multithreading is the Answer. What was the Question? (Part 1) Variadic Expansion in Examples
Morning (11:00-12:30) IoC++: An IoC Framework for C++ Multithreading is the Answer. What was the Question? (Part 2) Implementing Static Control Flow in C++14
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) The Effective Structured Data Marshalling/Demarshalling Through Boost.Fusion Introspection in a High Performance Web Service Preprocessor-Aware Automated Refactoring Exceptional Performance
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Extending C++ with Co-Array Semantics Progress on Contract Support for C++17 C++ Tool Support: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading
Why and How To Add Scripting

Friday, May 13

Bethe Booz Allen Hamilton Flug
Morning (9:00-10:30) The Design of a New C++ Build Toolchain C++ Performance in Practice: Align, Vectorise, Cache, Jump! Goodbye Metaprogramming, and Hello Functional: Living in a Post-Metaprogramming Era in C++
Morning (11:00-12:30) Understanding Boost.Build Simple Hand Written Parsers An Interesting Lock-free Queue: Part 2 of N
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) HPX and GPU Parallelized STL The Fiber Library Implementing tuple in C++17
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) What is the Basic Interface? The CPU Cache: Instruction Re-Ordering Made Obvious No Sane Compiler would Optimize Atomics


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