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(Possible) cpp_bin_float_quad to checked_int128_t conversion bug #110

esakaen opened this issue Feb 3, 2019 · 3 comments


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commented Feb 3, 2019

Whilst the above conversion worked for some test cases, the following error was thrown for the conversion of a cpp_bin_float_quad with a value of -1.75329768098667154050329834e+26: "Bitwise operations on negative values results in undefined behavior." It occurred with Visual Studio 2017 as well as with Xcode 10.1 (in both cases using the C++17 flag). Interestingly, it works, i.e., gives the correct result, if the value is converted into an unchecked int128_t. Provided that I understood the documentation correctly, an inadmissible conversion should result in a compiler error, which his not the case here.

For convenience, I attached a test program as well as the Visual Studio output and call stack to is_valid_bitwise_op below.

#include <iostream>
#include <exception>
#include <boost/multiprecision/cpp_int.hpp>
#include <boost/multiprecision/cpp_bin_float.hpp>

int main( int argc, char* argv[] )
  using namespace boost::multiprecision;

  std::cout.precision( 39 );
  std::cout.setf( std::ios::scientific );

  cpp_bin_float_quad qF( "-175329768098667154050329834" );

  std::cout << qF << std::endl;

  int128_t qI( qF );

  std::cout << qI << std::endl;

    checked_int128_t qCI( qF );

    std::cout << qCI << std::endl;
  catch ( const std::exception& e )
    std::cout << e.what() << std::endl;

  return 0;
Bitwise operations on negative values results in undefined behavior.
>   LongTypeTest2.exe!boost::multiprecision::backends::is_valid_bitwise_op<128,128,1,void>(const boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void> & result, const boost::mpl::int_<1> & __formal) Line 37 C++
    LongTypeTest2.exe!boost::multiprecision::backends::eval_left_shift<128,128,1,1,void>(boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void> & result, unsigned __int64 s) Line 435  C++
    LongTypeTest2.exe!boost::multiprecision::number<boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void>,0>::operator<<=<int>(int val) Line 667   C++
    LongTypeTest2.exe!boost::multiprecision::detail::generic_interconvert_float2int<boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void>,boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_bin_float<113,2,void,short,-16382,16383> >(boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void> & to, const boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_bin_float<113,2,void,short,-16382,16383> & from, const boost::mpl::int_<2> & __formal) Line 492  C++
    LongTypeTest2.exe!boost::multiprecision::detail::generic_interconvert<boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void>,boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_bin_float<113,2,void,short,-16382,16383> >(boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void> & to, const boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_bin_float<113,2,void,short,-16382,16383> & from, const boost::mpl::int_<0> & __formal, const boost::mpl::int_<1> & __formal) Line 526  C++
    LongTypeTest2.exe!boost::multiprecision::number<boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void>,0>::number<boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_int_backend<128,128,1,1,void>,0><boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_bin_float<113,2,void,short,-16382,16383>,0>(const boost::multiprecision::number<boost::multiprecision::backends::cpp_bin_float<113,2,void,short,-16382,16383>,0> & val, void * __formal) Line 136  C++
    LongTypeTest2.exe!main(int argc, char * * argv) Line 25 C++

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commented Feb 3, 2019

That's a weird one. Smells like a bug, will investigate.


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commented Feb 13, 2019

It's a bug, see: #115


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commented Mar 4, 2019

Fix wll be in the next release.

@jzmaddock jzmaddock closed this Mar 4, 2019

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