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Boost Linear and Multilinear Algebra Library

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Boost.uBlas is a header-only library and part of the Boost C++ libraries. It provides a set of basic linear and multilinear algebra operations with tensors, matrices and vectors. uBLAS is documented at or in docs. Simple examples of the tensor extension is provided by the wiki page.

Simple Example

#include <boost/numeric/ublas/tensor.hpp> 
#include <iostream>

int main()
  using namespace boost::numeric::ublas::index;
  using tensor  = boost::numeric::ublas::tensor_dynamic<float>;
  auto ones     = boost::numeric::ublas::ones<float>{};

  tensor A = ones(3,4,5);
  tensor B = ones(4,6,3,2);

  tensor C = 2*ones(5,6,2) + A(_i,_j,_k)*B(_j,_l,_i,_m) + 5;
  // Matlab Compatible Formatted Output
  std::cout << "C=" << C << ";" << std::endl;


  • Boost.uBlas requires a C++20 compatible compiler
    • gcc version >= 10.x.x
    • clang version >= 10.x.x
    • msvc version >= 14.28
  • Unit-tests require Boost.Test

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