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Tasks and utilities for Boot by the Community

Please feel free to edit this page and add your tasks!

Description Link
Antlr4 Grammar Tools babeloff/boot-antlr4
Anybar notifications tonsky/boot-anybar
Api Docs funcool/boot-codeina
Atomizer (Compile atomic CSS) zaeny/boot-atomizer
Autoprefixer danielsz/boot-autoprefixer
AWS S3 Bucket Uploads tailrecursion/boot-bucket
AWS Cloudfront Invalidation tailrecursion/boot-front
AWS Lambda deploy and utilities mhjort/clj-lambda-utils
Bookmarklets adzerk-oss/boot-bookmarklet
Boot-bundle boot-bundle
Boot shell danielsz/boot-shell
Bower degree9/boot-bower
Build Info mbuczko/boot-build-info
Certificaat danielsz/certificaat
Checks Clojure/Script Code tolitius/boot-check
CLJSJS helpers cljsjs/boot-cljsjs
Cljfmt formatter siilisolutions/boot-cljfmt
Cljx Compiler deraen/boot-cljx
Clojars Helper adzerk/bootlaces
Clojurescript Compiler adzerk/boot-cljs
ClojureScript Live-Reload adzerk/boot-reload
Clojurescript REPL adzerk/boot-cljs-repl
Clojurescript Figwheel Reload powerlaces/boot-figreload
clojure.test runner adzerk/boot-test
cljs.test runner with doo crisptrutski/boot-cljs-test
cljs.test runner with Testem boot-cljs-test/testem-runner setup utility deraen/boot-ctn
Code reloading samestep/boot-refresh
Compatibility layer for environ weavejester/environ
Confetti (static site toolkit) confetti-clj/confetti
Copy files cpmcdaniel/boot-copy
core.typed runner zilti/boot-typed
Criterium benchmarking tasks tulos/boot-criterium
Cucumber tests runner vonrosen/boot-cucumber
Datomic tailrecursion/boot-datomic
Debian/dpkg radicalzephyr/boot-dpkg
Dependency helpers martinklepsch/boot-deps
Dependency size analyzer metosin/boot-deps-size
Download files manenko/boot-download
DynamoDB (local) arichiardi/boot-dynamodb
Eclipse dsann/dsann-boot-eclipse
Elastic Beanstalk adzerk/boot-beanstalk
Expectations test runner seancorfield/boot-expectations
Fails (Learning from failures) mobileink/boot-fails
Fast clojure.test runner metosin/boot-alt-test
Figwheel aJchemist/boot-figwheel
Figwheel-based reload (node+web) powerlaces/boot-figreload
Fingerprinting assets afrey/boot-asset-fingerprint
File Revisions (fingerprinting) mrmcc3/boot-rev
Flyway migrations mbuczko/boot-flyway
Garden CSS Compiler martinklepsch/boot-garden
Git degree9/boot-semgit
GitHub deployment daveyarwood/boot-github
Google Protobuf Protoc aJchemist/boot-protobuf
Gzipping martinklepsch/boot-gzip
Hedge (serverless functions for AWS/Azure) siilisolutions/hedge
Hoplon Compiler hoplon/boot-hoplon
HTTP Server pandeiro/boot-http
HTTP Server metosin/boot-alt-http
Hyphenate HTML deraen/boot-hyphenate
Immutant WAR generation immutant/boot-immutant
JRuby Environment tobias/boot-jruby
jUnit Test Runner radicalzephyr/boot-junit
Jetty tailrecursion/jetty
Kotlin compiler daveyarwood/boot-kotlin
Less Compiler deraen/less4clj (boot-less)
LiveReload.js task deraen/boot-livereload
Marginalia francesco-bracchi/boot-marginalia
Maven interop andrewmed/boot-maven-interop
Maven wrapper big-solutions/boot-mvn
Medusa (namespace dependency graphs) Hendrick/boot-medusa
Middleman (JRuby) runner jgdavey/boot-middleman
midje runner zilti/boot-midje
Multi line strings tailrecursion/boot-multiline-str
Operations on files within the fileset (move, copy) dgellow/boot-files
NiFi (Apache) big-solutions/boot-nifi
Node.js Wrapper degree9/boot-nodejs
Node Package Manager (NPM) degree9/boot-npm
POM dependencies cpmcdaniel/boot-with-pom
(Sub)Process Execution degree9/boot-exec
Rails Integration jteneycke/rails-boot-reagent
Ragtime migrations mbuczko/boot-ragtime
React Native mjmeintjes/boot-react-native
Reset Development System codebeige/boot-reset
Restart Shell Commands mathias/boot-restart
Runit danielsz/boot-runit
S3 Uploading hashobject/boot-s3
Sass Compiler mathias/boot-sassc
Sass compiler (libsass) deraen/sass4clj (boot-sass)
SLF4J Logging adzerk/boot-logservice
Semantic Versioning degree9/boot-semver
Source files management powerlaces/boot-sources
Speclj Test Runner radicalzephyr/boot-speclj
Standalone executable builder adzerk-oss/boot-jar2bin
Static pages & fingerprinting DanThiffault/boot-pages
Static site generator hashobject/perun
Static Webserver tailrecursion/boot-static
Templates (Boot new) seancorfield/boot-new
Templating with StringTemplate adzerk-oss/boot-template
Update dependencies leblowl/boot-syu
UglifyJS2 minification nha/boot-uglify
Visual notifications jeluard/boot-notify
Wrapper shell script generator radicalzephyr/boot-shrink-wrap
Yeti compiler alandipert/boot-yeti
Zipping files manenko/boot-zip
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