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VERSION := $(shell cat VERSION)
GITSHA1 := $(shell git rev-parse --short HEAD)
GOARCH := amd64
GOFLAGS := -ldflags "-X main.Version $(VERSION) -X main.GitSHA $(GITSHA1)"
PREFIX := boot2docker
DOCKER_IMAGE := boot2docker-golang
DOCKER_CONTAINER := boot2docker-cli-build
DOCKER_SRC_PATH := /go/src/
default: dockerbuild
@true # stop from matching "%" later
# Build binaries in Docker container.
dockerbuild: clean
docker build -t "$(DOCKER_IMAGE)" .
docker run --name "$(DOCKER_CONTAINER)" "$(DOCKER_IMAGE)"
docker cp "$(DOCKER_CONTAINER)":"$(DOCKER_SRC_PATH)"/$(PREFIX)-$(VERSION)-windows-$(GOARCH).exe .
docker rm "$(DOCKER_CONTAINER)"
# Remove built binaries and Docker container. Silent errors if container not found.
rm -f $(PREFIX)*
docker rm "$(DOCKER_CONTAINER)" 2>/dev/null || true
all: darwin linux windows
@true # stop "all" from matching "%" later
# Native Go build per OS/ARCH combo.
GOOS=$@ GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build $(GOFLAGS) -o $(PREFIX)-$(VERSION)-$@-$(GOARCH)$(if $(filter windows, $@),.exe)
# This binary will be installed at $GOBIN or $GOPATH/bin. Requires proper
# $GOPATH setup AND the location of the source directory in $GOPATH.
go install $(GOFLAGS)
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