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@tianon tianon released this Oct 5, 2018 · 113 commits to master since this release

Warning: the AUFS storage driver is deprecated in boot2docker and AUFS support is removed in 18.09+. You can continue with AUFS in boot2docker 18.06.x, but it is recommended to reset your disk image before updating to 18.09+.

See #1326 for more discussion.

Changes: v18.09.0-ce-beta1...v18.09.0-beta3

Note: this release contains a simplified rewrite of the entire ISO/rootfs generation code (#1332); please try it out and report issues!

$ sha512sum boot2docker.iso
1df588d45783af7902e774fc96e0edcefbf993007759262bd4a72372acfebdb13b7f2ac104e1174e4c9539c0495d54865fe040a214d2ce44df002f3b99b20bad  boot2docker.iso
$ sha256sum boot2docker.iso
c1acf973534d9c0ceff9ec11e8db11361f470e16a92c52f7892d6f44ac14463d  boot2docker.iso
$ sha1sum boot2docker.iso
581e9f6a84ad1ceb6af33530d8cc289df4056e63  boot2docker.iso
$ md5sum boot2docker.iso
a795ccfe787253f191734c868b253f17  boot2docker.iso
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