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Manual: Console Access

The PolyController has a console-based administration interface. Until the web server module is complete, this is the only way to interact with the device. The console is accessible over telnet or using the serial console.

Serial Console

Accessing the module using the serial console will give you the most information. You will be able to see all the boot messages from the bootloader and firmware while it is starting, giving useful diagnostic information. The serial console is accessed using a 6-pin 3.3V FTDI-compatible connector beside the output connector, on the same side as the Ethernet connector. Configure your terminal to connect at 115.2Kbps, 8n1, no flow control.

Warning: This is a 3.3V TTL-level serial port. Do not connect a 5V TTL or RS-232 port directly to this port or you may cause permanent damage. The following cables and adapters are compatible:


Once the board has gained an IP address using DHCP, you can access it using telnet. This provides the same access to the command-line shell interface as the serial mode, but you can't get any boot messages or interact with the bootloader in any way. There is currently no authentication on the Telnet interface, so make sure it is fully firewalled.

Using the Console

The console is a simple command-line interface. It has no line editing or history support.

You can get a list of commands using the help command.

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