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Base PHP Framework for Multi Projects.

Bootgly License Github Actions - Bootgly Workflow Github Actions - Docker Workflow

Table of Contents

🤔 About

Bootgly is a base framework for developing APIs and Apps for both command-line interfaces (CLI) 📟 and Web 🌐. Focused on performance, versatility, and easy-to-understand codebase APIs.

Bootgly CLI 📟

interfaces nodes
Terminal Input Console (TODO)
Terminal Output
Terminal components
Alert component
Menu component
Progress component
Table component

Bootgly Web 🌐

interfaces nodes
TCP Client HTTP Server
TCP Server

🚧 Do not use it in production environments. The alpha version hasn't even been released yet. First beta release is planned for mid-year 2023 (near June). Documentation is under construction and will be released alongside the beta. 🚧

🟢 Boot

🤝 Compatibility

Operation System
Linux (Debian based)


= Compatible = Incompatible = Untested

Above is the native compatibility, of course it is possible to run on Windows and Unix using containers.

⚙️ Dependencies

  • PHP 8.2+ ⚠️
  • Opcache with JIT enabled (+50% performance) 👍

- Bootgly CLI 📟

  • php-cli ⚠️
  • php-readline ⚠️

- Bootgly Web 🌐

CLI + Web *API ¹ (eg. Bootgly HTTP Server CLI):
  • * See Bootgly CLI dependencies *
Web in Non-CLI (apache2handler, litespeed and nginx) SAPI ²:
  • rewrite module enabled ⚠️


⚠️ = Required 👍 = Recommended

¹ *API = Can be Server API (SAPI), Client API (CAPI), etc. ² SAPI = Server API

🌱 Community

Join us and help the community.

Love Bootgly? Give our repo a star !

💻 Contributing

Wait for the "contributing guidelines" to start your contribution.

🛂 Code of Conduct

Help us keep Bootgly open and inclusive. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct.

🔗 Social networks

💖 Sponsorship

A lot of time and energy is devoted to Bootgly projects. To accelerate your growth, if you like this project or depend on it for your stack to work, consider sponsoring it.

Your sponsorship will keep this project always up to date with new features and improvements / bug fixes.

📝 Compliances

📃 License

The Bootgly is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

📑 Versioning

Bootgly will follow Semantic Versioning 2.0.

🖼 Highlights

- Bootgly CLI 📟

HTTP Server CLI started - Initial output
Progress component (with Bar) - Render 6x faster than Symfony / Laravel

- Bootgly Web 🌐

HTTP Server CLI - Faster than Workerman +7%
HTTP Server CLI - +7% faster than Workerman (Plain Text test)

More Screenshots, videos and details can be found in the home page of Bootgly Docs.

🔧 Usage

- Bootgly CLI 📟:

Run CLI demo

  1. See the examples in projects/Bootgly/CLI/examples/;
  2. Check the file projects/CLI.constructor.php;
  3. Run the Bootgly CLI demo in terminal:

php bootgly demo

- Bootgly Web 🌐:

Running a HTTP Server:

Option 1: Non-CLI SAPI (Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, etc)
  1. Enable support to rewrite;
  2. Configure the Web constructor in projects/Web.constructor.php file;
  3. Run the Non-CLI HTTP Server pointing to index.php.
Option 2: CLI SAPI

Directly in Linux OS (max performance):

  1. Configure the Bootgly HTTP Server script in scripts/http-server-cli file;
  2. Configure the HTTP Server API in projects/HTTP-Server.API.php file;
  3. Run the Bootgly HTTP Server CLI in the terminal:

php scripts/http-server-cli


or using Docker:

  1. Pull the image:

docker pull bootgly/http-server-cli

  1. Run the container in interactive mode and in the host network for max performance:

docker run -it --network host bootgly/http-server-cli


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