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@@ -112,17 +112,42 @@ location. Pressing `q` closes the buffer, and `C-c C-n`
(`scion-previous-note-in-buffer`) to navigate within the notes of one
-There are a few more utilities:
+## Completion
- C-c i l -- insert language pragma
- C-c i p -- insert pragma
- C-c i m -- insert (external) module name
- C-c i f -- insert command line flag
+The following commands offer completion for a few things.
-Some experimental features:
+ * `C-c i l` (`haskell-insert-language`) asks for a `LANGUAGE` pragma
+ and adds it to the top of the file.
+ * `C-c i p` (`haskell-insert-pragma`) inserts a pragma at the
+ current cursor position. (At the moment this doesn't try to make
+ sense of the selected pragma, however.)
+ * `C-c i m` (`haskell-insert-module-name`) inserts the name of an
+ external module (external), i.e., a module _not_ from the current
+ package.
+ * `C-c i f` (`haskell-insert-flag`) insert (GHC) command line flag
+ at point. (Really only makes sense within an `OPTiONS_GHC` pragma.)
+## Experimental features
+The following should work most of the cases.
+ * `C-c C-.` (`scion-goto-definition`) jumps to the definition of the
+ identifier at point. If there is no identifier at point, offers a
+ list to complete on a particular identifier. This currently only
+ works for identifiers defined within the same project.
+ * `C-c C-t` shows type of identifier at point. This only works if
+ the current file typechecks, but then it also works for local
+ identifiers. For polymorphic function it will show the type to
+ which they are _instantiated_, e.g.,
+ f x = x + (1::Int)
- C-c C-t -- show type of identifier at point
- (currently only works on ids, not expressions)
+ Calling this command on `+` will print `Int -> Int -> Int` instead
+ of `Num a => a -> a -> a`.
# Manually Connecting to Scion

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