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Data collector

This is a realtime events/statistics recording and distribution backend written in Go. The backend is designed to receive messages via UDP and publish them via Websockets and a ZMQ pub/sub socket:

Incoming events/stats are broadcast out to any listening websocket clients.


$ go run main.go --zmqsocket=tcp://:6000 --udphost=host:5555 --wshost=host:5555 --ssehost=localhost:5556 --accesstoken=foobar


Option Description example
zmqsocket ZMQ socket to publish events to. tcp://6000
udphost UDP host:port to listen for incoming events on someserver:5555
wshost host:port for Websockets endpoint
ssehost host:port for Server Sent Events endpoint somepublicserver:5555
accesstoken Access token to authenticate public endpoints "foobar123"


Consumer programs can subscribe to all or some event types on the ZMQ socket. Ruby example:

require 'zmq'
require 'msgpack'

context =
chans   = %w(order pageview)
sub     = context.socket ZMQ::SUB

sub.connect "tcp://"

chans.each { |ch| sub.setsockopt ZMQ::SUBSCRIBE, ch }

puts "Listening to events"

while line = sub.recv
  chan,  msg = line.split ' ', 2
  event = MessagePack.unpack(msg)
  puts "##{chan}: #{event['data']['account']} tz #{event['data']['tz']}"