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An example that explains how to write jobs on Bootique platform. Jobs can be run individually from command line, or scheduled with internal scheduler.

For additional help/questions about this example send a message to Bootique forum.


  • Java 1.8 or newer.
  • Apache Maven.

Build the Demo

Here is how to build it:

git clone
cd bootique-jobs-demo
mvn package

Run the Demo

Now you can check the options available in your app:

java -jar target/bootique-jobs-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

      -c yaml_location, --config=yaml_location
           Specifies YAML config location, which can be a file path or a URL.

      -e, --exec
           Executes one or more jobs. Jobs are specified with '--job' options

      -h, --help
           Prints this message.

      -H, --help-config
           Prints information about application modules and their configuration

      -j job_name, --job=job_name
           Specifies the name of the job to run with '--exec'. Available job
           names can be viewed using '--list' command.

      -l, --list
           Lists all jobs available in the app

           Schedules and executes jobs according to configuration. Waits
           indefinitely on the foreground.

           Enforces sequential execution of the jobs, specified with '--job'

One of the options is --list that tells you what jobs are available:

java -jar target/bootique-jobs-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --list

Available jobs:
     - simple
     - job1
     - injection
     - parameterized(d:date, l:long)

From here you have two options - run one or more jobs once from the command line, or start the app as a daemon and let the jobs run on a defined schedule. First option is great for testing/debugging or when you have an external scheduler (such as UNIX cron). So let's run both jobs at once:

java -jar target/bootique-jobs-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --exec --job=simple --job=job1

Notice that the two jobs are executed in parallel. Some jobs support parameters, declaring them in metadata. Parameters can be configured in YAML configuration file under the "jobs" key (or via other Bootique configuration mechanisms, such as environment variables). Check params.yml and ParameterizedJob for an example. You can run this job as follows:

java -jar target/bootique-jobs-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --exec --job=parameterized --config=params.yml

Now let's schedule jobs to run at a certain interval. Scheduling information is placed in a YAML file under the "scheduler" key. Check scheduler.yml for an example. It shows scheduling jobs with fixed delay, as well as using a cron expression. Run it and wait and see how jobs are invoked periodically (use Ctrl-C to stop the application):

java -jar target/bootique-jobs-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --schedule --config=scheduler.yml

Clustering Jobs with Zookeeper



An example of how to write jobs on Bootique platform




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