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Simple Bootique app demonstrating the Bootique Shiro Module with Jersey.

You can find different versions of framework in use at


  • Java 1.8 or newer.
  • Apache Maven.

Build the demo

git clone
cd bootique-shiro-demo
mvn package

Enter the following to launch the app in Maven.

java -jar target/bootique-mvc-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

After launching the app, go to

  1. http://localhost:9999/login.jsp check for permissions to have role 'admin', if have no permissions will redirect to /denied page, otherwise to public page
  2. http://localhost:9999/pub get public page returns hello
  3. http://localhost:9999/login?username=username&password=password log in the user with specified username and password. There is two users:
    • user/password - has role 'user'
    • adminuser/password - has role 'admin' After succes login you will be redirected to '/login.jsp' page. If you will specify wrong credentials you will see the 404 error.
  4. http://localhost:9999/logout logges out. After logout you will see 'Logged out' message.
  5. http://localhost:9999/private endpoint with configured permissions in bootique.yml file. If you logged in with 'admin' role you will see 'admin' message otherwise you will be redirected to /login.jsp


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