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An example of a simple login page developed with Tapestry integrated into Bootique.

For additional help/questions about this example send a message to Bootique forum.


* Java 1.8 or newer.
* Apache Maven.

Build the Demo

Here is how to build it:

git clone
cd bootique-tapestry-demo
mvn package

Run the Demo

Check the options available in your app:

java -jar target/bootique-tapestry-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
      -c yaml_location, --config=yaml_location
           Specifies YAML config location, which can be a file path or a URL.

      -h, --help
           Prints this message.

      -H, --help-config
           Prints information about application modules and their configuration options.

      -s, --server
           Starts Jetty server.

Run the demo:

java -jar target/bootique-tapestry-demo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --config=config.yml --server

Open URL:


Let's consider some features of development with Tapestry on Bootique.

Since Bootique app is deployed as all-inclusive jar, it doesn't have web.xml or src/main/webapp folders. These restrictions can be bypassed, since Tapestry itself provides Assets facility that supports storing static content under META-INF/assets. E.g. style sheets under META-INF/assets/bq-demo.css importing:

@Import(stylesheet = "bq-demo.css")
public class Login {

The basic unit in Tapestry IoC is a service. Tapestry is informed about your services and contributions via a module class.

public class AppModule {

    public static void bind(ServiceBinder binder) {
        binder.bind(DeferredService.class, DeferredServiceImpl.class);

The module is to be contributed into Bootique:


Another useful feature of Tapestry that helps organize your code better and more logically is Components libraries.

	//additional root package for the application
	.addLibraryMapping(new LibraryMapping("lib", "io.bootique.tapestry.testlib"));

The last but not least feature is Symbols effectively declared via BQ extension point:

	.setSymbol(SymbolConstants.SUPPORTED_LOCALES, "en")
	.setSymbol(SymbolConstants.START_PAGE_NAME, "Login");