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deploy site Site

Manages content of This includes site pages assembly, docs aggregation from external Bootique modules and publishing everything to the website.

How to Build Locally

  1. Setup env: Node.js (Yarn), Java, Hugo;
  2. Run Node.js to generate JS/CSS (see app directory);
  3. Run Node.js to generate documentation and other external content for the site (see scripts directory);
  4. Run Hugo to assemble all parts of website.

Also see site.yml workflow for environment setup and build command details.

Important files / directories:

  • content/ : contains HTML page templates
  • data/ : contains documentation "models" and parameters. E.g. modules.yaml configures links related to each Bootique module.
  • docs.yml : contains references to external Asciidocs of individual Bootique modules

Publishing via CI/CD

  • To publish your changes to the website, commit them to the master branch and push to GitHub. GitHub Actions will pick them up, build and publish to the live site in just a few minutes.

  • Documentation changes coming from other Bootique modules are published via a cron job scheduled at 4:15 UTC.

  • There's a way to manually publish the site via GitHub Actions UI

See site.yml workflow for more details.