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Provides Liquibase integration with Bootique.

For additional help/questions about this example send a message to Bootique forum.


* Java 1.8 or newer.
* Apache Maven.


Add bootique-liquibase to your build tool




Available commands

           Catalog against which 'liquibase dropAll' will be executed.

           Specifies YAML config location, which can be a file path or a URL.

      -h, --help
           Prints this message.

      -H, --help-config
           Prints information about application modules and their configuration

           Mark all changes as executed in the database.

           Writes SQL to mark all changes as executed in the database to STDOUT.

           Clears all checksums in the current changelog, so they will be
           recalculated next update.

      -x [val], --lb-context[=val]
           Specifies Liquibase context to control which changeSets will be
           executed in migration run.

      -d [val], --lb-default-schema[=val]
           Specifies the default schema to use for managed database objects and
           for Liquibase control tables.

           Drops all database objects in the configured schema(s). Note that
           functions, procedures and packages are not dropped.

      -u, --lb-update
           Updates DB with available migrations

      -v, --lb-validate
           Checks the changelog for errors.

      -s schema_name, --schema=schema_name
           Schema against which 'liquibase dropAll' will be executed.

Example Project