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Provides Simple Java Mail integration with Bootique.


Include bootique-bom:


Import Simple Java Mail integration:


Configure the app:


  # Mail delivery is disabled by default to prevent inadvertent spamming when the app is in development. This property
  # needs to be flipped to "false" if you want mail to be actually sent to someone.
  disabled: false

  # Configure named mailers. If "mailers" section is absent, the default mailer is created pointing to "localhost:25"
    main: # arbitrary name of the mailer
      smtpPort: 3025
      transportStrategy: SMTPS

Send mail:

Mailers mailers;

public void sendMail() {
    Email email = EmailBuilder.startingBlank()
        .withPlainText("Hello world..")

    // if only one mailer is configured in YAML, it is assumed to be the default mailer
    mailers.getDefaultMailer().sendMail(email, false);