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Source DropZone 1.2.1 (Browser fixes) Jan 31, 2013

DropZone Uploader

A very flexible, modular and crossbrowser uploader class for Mootools.


  • HTML5 chunk upload
  • Flash upload
  • HTML4 upload
  • Automatic selection of available method
  • Multiple file selection
  • Autostart upload
  • Progress tracking
  • Semi-Automatic file list control (to show progress for multiple files, cancel etc.)
  • Minimum and maximum file size detection
  • Asynchronous file upload (only with HTML5 and Flash)
  • Selector file type filter (Works only with Flash and partially with HTML5)
  • Modal architecture (for example Flash module can just not be included for HTML5+HTML4 support)
  • No visible HTML within the class, UI is very flexible and fully independent
  • The class adapts to use elements of UI provided (eg. only a button, or button with list, and/or drag & drop etc.)
  • Image data collection for instant thumbnail output (HTML5 only)
  • Drag and drop uploads (HTML5 only)
  • Additional vars can be added (eg. upload_to_project: 1) ...


Screenshot 1


  • Mootools 1.4.3
    • Elements.Event
    • Swiff

How to Use

See demo

Note: Demo might be out of date, for latest version also check it out at