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Flash mode doesn't return anything in callback #2

oskarkrawczyk opened this Issue · 4 comments

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In flash mode, the onFinishUpload should respond with two arguments, the second being the actual response that comes from the server. Currently this argument is always undefined, wheres in html4/5 modes this returns the correct response.

Any ides what can be the cause of this?


Oops, this issue was supposed to be posted on MooUpload.

That said, if DropZone is based on MooUpload, it's highly probable, the same issue applies here.


Hey Oskar,

Sorry for getting back so late, I've been travelling through India which makes programming hard :)

Yes, MooUpload's flash callback was broken, we fixed it in DropZone though and it should work equally fine for all methods - can you confirm?


@bootle Hey, I ended up patching MooUpload, but will be migrating the scripts to use DropZone in the coming weeks, so I'll be sure to update you on the callback situation.


Thanks! @oskarkrawczyk

@bootle bootle closed this
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