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ABNet is a "same/different"-based loss trained neural net.

Data preprocessing

To reproduce the results in the IEEE SLT 2014 paper, you need:

  • TIMIT with the standard train/dev/test split
  • To apply make prepare_timit dataset=PATH_TO_YOUR_TIMIT with the timit tools, that will create all the needed features (Mel filterbanks), for this step, spectral is a requirement.

Training a (deep) ABnet

Then you can:

  • Align words and extract their dynamic time warped paths with:

See in this for variants / size of words. This step needs DTW_Cython

  • Train the ABnet on this DTW aligned word patterns, e.g. with:
THEANO_FLAGS="device=gpu0" python --dataset-path=dtw_words_train.joblib --dataset-name="timit_dtw" --prefix-output-fname="deep_cos_cos2" --iterator-type=dtw --nframes=7 --network-type=ab_net --debug-print=0 --debug-plot=0 --debug-time

ABX evaluation

If you want to evaluate it with ABX, you need to:

  • Create a folder with *.npz files containing timing and features, for that copy every filterbank numpy array and stack them as needed, e.g. with:
for name in `find . -name "*_fbanks.npy" | grep train`; do cp $name npz7_train/`echo $name | awk -F '/' '{print $4"_"$5}'`; done
python npz7_train/*.npy
  • Use your trained ABnet to make the transformation of these filterbanks into the embedded features of the ABnet:
mkdir deep_cos_cos2 && python deep_cos_cos2_timit_dtw_fbank7_ab_net_adadelta.pickle PATH_TO_npz7_train deep_cos_cos2
  • Make an ABX compatible *.features HDF5 file using: python deep_cos_cos2 deep_cos_cos2.features
  • You can now do an ABX evaluation e.g. with:
python ABX_repo/ deep_cos_cos2.features --ncore=8 --force
python ABX_repo/
bash ABX_repo/avg
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