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Representation learning package using side information, system for subword modeling for Zeroresource challenge.


Build Representation for speech frames based on side information. Composed of different modules :


Installation of the package

Using conda

To install the ABnet3 package, you can use Anaconda, and either create a conda environment:

conda env create --name abnet3 python=3.6 -f environment.yml

or use a conda environment you already have with python 3 : conda env update -f environment.yml

To install with GPU support (replace cuda75 with your version of cuda)

conda install  pytorch=0.2 cuda75 -c pytorch

Using pip

  • install the version 0.2.0 of pytorch for your hardware (

  • install the pip packages : pip install -r requirements.txt Once all the necessary packages are installed, simply launch:

Run abnet3 installation

python build && python install

If you want to work on ABnet3 and develop your own modules, instead of:

python install

you can launch:

python develop

Tensorboard vizualisation

The package tensorboardX needs to be installed to train the model: pip install tensorboardX.

The package will save train / dev loss during training. To vizualise them :

  • Install tensorboard (conda install tensorflow tensorflow-tensorboard)

  • run tensorboard --logdir path/to/logdir. The default logdir is ./run in the current directory.


You can see examples for running the gridsearch and replicating our results in the repository

The cli documentation is here


The package comes with a unit-tests suit. To run it, first install pytest on your Python environment:

pip install pytest
pytest test/


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A part of the code is inspired from the previous version in Theano of ABnet, and the examples in Pytorch