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API reference

CustomizeHandlebarsConfig : object

The default configuration for the handlebars engine

Kind: global typedef
Api: public

Name Type Description
partials string path to a partials directory. Each .hbs-file in the directory (or in the tree) is registered as partial by its name (or relative path), without the .hbs-extension.
partialWrapper function a function that can modify partials just before they are registered with the Handlebars engine. It receives the partial contents as first parameter and the partial name as second parameter and must return the new content (or a promise for the content. The parameter was introduced mainly for debugging purposes (i.e. to surround each partial with a string containing the name of the partial). When this function is overridden, the parent function is available throught this.parent.
helpers string | object | function if this is an object it is assumed to be a list of helper functions, if this is function it is assumed to return an object of helper functions, if this is a string, it is assumed to be the path to a module returning either an object of a function as above.
templates string path to a directory containing templates. Handlebars is called with each .hbs-file as template. The result of the engine consists of an object with a property for each template and the Handlebars result for this template as value.
data string | object | function a javascript-object to use as input for handlebars. Same as with the helpers, it is also acceptable to specify the path to a module exporting the data and a function computing the data.
preprocessor function | string a function that takes the input data as first parameter and transforms it into another object or the promise for an object. It the input data is a promise itself, is resolved before calling this function. If the preprocessor is overridden, the parent preprocessor is available with this.parent(data)
hbsOptions object options to pass to Handlebars.compile.
addSourceLocators boolean add handlebars-source-locators to the output of each template
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