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Wii RetroPad Adapter
(c)2011/2012 - Bruno Freitas -
See COPYING.TXT for licensing information.


Wii RetroPad Adapter is a Wiimote adapter based on a small PCB, an ATMega uC 
and a couple of connectors that allow you to use the following classic
joysticks as if they were a Wii Classic Controller:

:. Sega Genesis pad(also supports: Sega Master System, Atari 2600 and others)

:. Nintendo NES pad

:. Super NES pad 

:. Playstation digital pads and Playstation 2 pads

:. Game Cube pad

:. Nintendo 64 pad

The Wii RetroPad adapter talks to the Wiimote that, ultimately, talks to the
Wii wirelessly, so you get a real Classic Controller experience with no Game
Cube extension cables involved! :)

This adapter is compatible with both Nintendo official games and also homebrews
(AKA, those great emulators out there!).

Wii RetroPad Adapter 2.0 is released and now it comes with an enclosure, and 
not like a "barebones" PCB anymore! :)

How to get it

Wii RetroPad Adapter is Opensource / Open hardware, so you can construct your
PCB, compile the source code, burn the firmware in the micro-controller and
start using it. 

However, there are people who are not familiar with PCB manufacturing process
nor have the skills, or even time, to construct his/her own adapter. For those
people, you are invited to contact me at so I can sell
you a ready-to-use adapter! :)

You will also be able to buy it from both or


Wii RetroPad Adapter source code (software) is licensed under GPLv3.

Wii RetroPad Adapter is open hardware licenced under Creative Commons 
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. 


Thanks goes out to all people below. Without their work, this project wouldn't
be possible:

:. Roberto Oliveira for all the help with the PCB and "hardware" stuff.

:. Peter Brinkmann for his great arduino-wiimote library

:. Frank Zhao for his Wiimote Extension Library

:. Bill Porter for his PS2X Arduino library

:. Team Twiizers for their incredible documentation on the Wiimote

:. The Arduino Team
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