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feat(b-nav-item-dropdown): improve default handling of dropdown toggle link (closes #3942) #5344

merged 23 commits into from May 11, 2020


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@jacobmllr95 jacobmllr95 commented May 11, 2020

Describe the PR

This PR improves the link handling of <b-nav-item-dropdown> by assining the user provided ID as the toggle link href has link.

When id prop isn't set (defaults to null) the href for the <b-link> i set to #. If an id is provided, then the href for <b-link> will be set to #{id}. This way, before the page is hydrated, the link will just scroll to the A tag (which should already be in view and hence not scroll) rather than scrolling to the top of the page.

Closes #3942.

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@jacobmllr95 jacobmllr95 added Type: Fix PR: Patch Requires patch version bump labels May 11, 2020
@jacobmllr95 jacobmllr95 added this to In progress in v2.14.0 via automation May 11, 2020
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vercel bot commented May 11, 2020

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codesandbox-ci bot commented May 11, 2020

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codecov bot commented May 11, 2020

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The diff coverage is 100.00%.

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@@            Coverage Diff            @@
##               dev     #5344   +/-   ##
  Coverage   100.00%   100.00%           
  Files          281       281           
  Lines         8825      8828    +3     
  Branches      2505      2505           
+ Hits          8825      8828    +3     
Flag Coverage Δ
#unittests 100.00% <100.00%> (ø)
Impacted Files Coverage Δ
src/mixins/id.js 100.00% <ø> (ø)
src/components/nav/nav-item-dropdown.js 100.00% <100.00%> (ø)

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Member Author

@scyclops Can you create a CodeSandbox based on this template with a minimal reproduction of your Nuxt.js setup to confirm that the problem is resolved?

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tmorehouse commented May 11, 2020

I just checked in the PR preview, and checked the SSR rendered source for the version dropdown in the docs nav, and it renders the following (before hydration):

a aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false" href="#" target="_self" class="nav-link dropdown-toggle mr-md-2"><span>Pull Request</span></a>

So the href="#" is still there before Vue kicks in.

Perhaps we could try and use a <button> element for the dropdown toggle in b-nav-item-dropdown and see how the Bootstrap v4 styling work on it.


Just tested rendering a native <button> instead of the <a> and just had to add classes border-0 bg-transparent to it to make it look correct.

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Member Author

@tmorehouse Or we just expose href as prop as suggested in the issue.
It works fine for most of the users and for those who need to adjust it would have the possibility.

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We would still need to make sure event.preventDefault() is called... <b-link> doesn't do this automatically when HREF is anything other than #.

Another option would be to set an ID on the <a> and set href to point to this ID (unfortunately we cant use safeId() auto-ID as it only runs client side)

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Member Author

jacobmllr95 commented May 11, 2020

The toggle() method in dropdownMixin calls event.preventDefault() which the click event on the <b-link> is assigned to. So we should be fine.

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tmorehouse commented May 11, 2020

Hmm, we should be adding role="button" to the rendered <a> tag that way an HREF won't confuse screen reader users.

How about we add an ID prop. This ID will be added to the link and then used as the href,
that way only hash HREFs are generated:

<a :id="id" :href="'#' + id'" role="button">

This way, before the page is hydrated, the link will just scroll to the A tag (which should already be in view and hence not scroll). If hte ID is null/blank/undefined, it would just render a plain href="#", which is the default behaviour.

This way the purpose of href as a prop wouldn't be confusing (and needing long explanation as to its use).


Actually we do have safeId in there, and we do generate an ID for the toggle button <a> tag... we could set this as the href (by pre-pending with #)

As long as the user supplies a unique ID, the href will be valid during SSR and before hydration

@jacobmllr95 jacobmllr95 added PR: Minor Requires minor version bump Type: Enhancement and removed PR: Patch Requires patch version bump Status: WIP Type: Fix labels May 11, 2020
@jacobmllr95 jacobmllr95 changed the title fix(b-nav-item-dropdown): let <b-link> handle href default value (closes #3942) feat(b-nav-item-dropdown): add href prop and improve default handling (closes #3942) May 11, 2020
@vercel vercel bot temporarily deployed to Preview May 11, 2020 23:02 Inactive
@tmorehouse tmorehouse changed the title feat(b-nav-item-dropdown): add href prop and improve default handling (closes #3942) feat(b-nav-item-dropdown): improve default handling of dropdown toggle link (closes #3942) May 11, 2020
@jacobmllr95 jacobmllr95 merged commit 62c6105 into dev May 11, 2020
5 of 6 checks passed
v2.14.0 automation moved this from In progress to Done May 11, 2020
@jacobmllr95 jacobmllr95 deleted the fix-nav-item-dropdown-href branch May 11, 2020 23:12
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