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@tmorehouse tmorehouse released this Mar 8, 2019 · 514 commits to master since this release

2.0.0-rc.14 (2019-03-08)

Please see the changelog for a complete list of commits, and the online documentation for usage.

Notable changes:


  • b-modal: modal stacking position fix (PR #2681)
  • b-form-file: fix v-model update watcher (PR #2695)
  • b-form-input: fix value typecheck to allow number type (PR #2738)
  • b-pagination and b-pagination-nav: correct pagination props/slots/event docs and fix ellipsis slot (PR #2699)
  • b-table: fix the class name for fixed table layout css (PR #2676)
  • b-table + utils: add back array notation support to get() util (PR #2689)
  • nuxt-module: fix default inclusion of CSS files (PR #2701)
  • fix dependency requirements for importing individual plugins and components


  • b-card-img-lazy: new lazy load image sub-component for cards (PR #2647)
  • b-form-textarea: add noAutoShrink prop (PR #2666)
  • b-modal: add modal-backdrop slot (PR #2688)
  • b-modal: add toggle method and root event (PR #2709)
  • b-table: add IDs to tbody > tr elements if primary-key provided (PR #2694)
  • nuxt-module: add tree-shaking support to Nuxt module (PR #2654)
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