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This is the repository for Bootstrap 1 materials.


The following contributors worked on converting this material in the summer of 2012 at Brown University:

Daniel Kocoj Mike Rowland Winnie Wang Kathi Fisler Jonah Stanley Miles Eldon Andrew Tian Katherine Ng

After the summer, this codebase has been maintained by:

Emmanuel Schanzer Kathi Fisler Vicki Crosson Emma Youndtsmith


  1. Set up curr as a Racket collection.

    Go to the parent directory of curr, and do the following:

    $ raco link curr

  2. Run build.rkt to generate the curriculum. You can do this either at the command line, or from DrRacket.

    $ racket build.rkt

    To generate the curriculum under a different tagging context, provide additional arguments to the build.rkt program. e.g:

    $ racket build.rkt pedagogy group

    Under DrRacket, you can change your Language settings to include the tags as custom command line arguments.

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