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Here is release 0.3.


  • 6xsaw, 6xsquare, 6xtri, 6xsin algorithms. 6 oscillators starting at the 1v/oct input, spaced evenly across the currently selected quantize scale. Color controls the number of scale steps between oscillators, and Timbre scans through various amplitude settings for the 6 oscillators. When the Braids quantizer is turned off, the oscillators are evenly spaced by semitones (controlled by Color)


  • Signature waveshaper now works with SAM modes.


  • Due to increased FLASH pressure, SAM only has 32 words instead of 48.

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Assets 3

First real public beta release. Provides 48 SAM hardcoded SAM words in 3 separate entries at the end of the oscillator model list.

Learn more at https://burns.ca/eurorack.html

Jan 6, 2018
initial wordlist