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@boourns boourns released this Nov 14, 2018 · 22 commits to master since this release

initial release of Rings Live.

This is just a very minor change from the official firmware, making it easier to enter/exit the "disastrous peace" easter egg. You can now enter easter egg mode by doing a long press of the "mode" button when already in an alternate mode.

So, for example, from the initial "modal resonator" (solid green LED) mode, to get to easter egg mode:

  • long press "mode" button for 5 seconds. Green LED is now slowly pulsing, you are now in FM Voice mode.
  • long press "mode" button again for 5 seconds. Both LEDs will flash red/green. You are now in easter egg mode.
  • long press "mode" button again for 5 seconds. You are back in "modal resonator".

While in easter egg mode, a short press of "mode" changes the FX applied to the string synth.
While in an alternate mode (pulsing mode LED), a short press of "mode" returns to the original 3 modes.
While in an original mode, a short press of "mode" iterates through the three original modes.

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