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The Booz Allen challenge for Bitcamp 2016!

The Challenge

"Best Internet of Things (IOT) Hack"

Booz Allen continues to be a key player in the IOT industry. For Bitcamp 2016, we're following that theme by presenting a unique IOT challenge to hackers.

In one of several publications on the topic, Booz Allen describes IOT as having 3 core characteristics:

  • CONNECTS the physical world around itself to other things, the Internet, a network, etc.
  • COMPUTES by processing the inputs it collects or receives, and making those inputs meaningful to other systems.
  • COMMUNICATES with a unique identity on the network, with other things, and the workforce.

The winner of our challenge will be the most innovative project that incorporates the spirit of IOT!

Note: Please notify a Booz Allen representative at our company booth if you would like your project to be considered for the "Best Internet of Things (IOT) Hack". This will help us find your project during the Expo on Sunday.

The Prize

Amazon Echo and SparkFun Mbed Starter Kit for each member (up to four) of the winning team!

How to get help

Open an issue! If you'd rather not discuss issues on the public issue tracker, let us know where you are and we'll come to you!

Or, hit us up on Slack! Go here for an invite.



The Booz Allen challenge for Bitcamp 2016!



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