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2D platformer chicken adventure made in Unity
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2D platformer chicken adventure made in Unity

The Game

Cluck is a fast-paced action platformer about a chicken armed with a leaf blower.

Look at Clucky go


  • Jumping/flapping: Press space to jump. Pressing space subsequent times will flap your wings, slowing your fall and allowing you to glide further than jumping alone.
  • Wall sliding/jumping: When falling adjacent to a wall, face it to slow your descent. Jump while sliding to kick off the wall. Chain jumps together to climb up obstacles.
  • Leaf blower
    • Press x to suck enemies and items toward you. Pick up rocks by sucking them into you.
    • Press z to push enemies and items away from you. If you have picked up a rock, press z to shoot it towards enemies.
    • Press shift to give yourself a boost while jumping.
  • Slopes: Run up slopes to give you a height boost. Couple this with a jump to give yourself a huge boost.

How to play

Clone the repo and unzip Inside, you'll find a Windows executable to test out the game.

To beat a level, navigate the chicken to the egg (or the eggsit, as I like to call it). Avoid or destroy the enemies.


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