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This sketch makes it possible to control the digital outputs of the Arduino Yun connected to a network without having to know the Yun IP number or having to do any port forwarding settings on the router the yun is connected to. This is possible by using the yaler service (

As a bonus you can also read the analog inputs

A full tutorial can be found at

  • register a yaler account at and note your yaler relay domain.

  • Change the relay domain definition in this sketch (#define RELAYDOMAIN gsiot-...) to your domain

  • start terminal on mac or equivalent on pc

  • change direcory to the folder where is located with something like

    cd /Users/username/some/folder/somewhere

  • copy to Yun with

    scp -r ./ root@arduino.local:/usr/lib/python2.7/bridge

    enter arduino password when prompted

    Note: change arduino.local to theNameOfYourArduino.local if you have changed the name. You can also change to the IP of your Arduino Yun.

  • Optional: You can test from the Yun command line if you like: connect to Yun from terminal with ssh: ssh root@arduino.local

    enter arduino password when prompted

    change directory on the yun with

    cd /usr/lib/python2.7/bridge

    start with

    python your-relay-domain nobridge

    nobridge means that there is no bridge communication between the two processors on the Yun

  • You can now connect from anywhere with any webbrowser with and Yun should give some response in the ssh terminal

  • download this sketch to the Arduino (you must have changed the relaydomain definition to your domain first). Also set the DEBUG definition to either true or false. true requires serial monitor to be opened

  • wait until the led 13 has stopped blinkning (ca 2 minutes)

    NOTE1: it will blink fast (5 times a second) for 1 minute, stop blinkning for some seconds and start blinking slow (once a second) for another minute

    NOTE2: if debug=true there will be no delay. Instead led 13 will blink very fast until the serial monitor is opened

  • Test it!

    set D13 to HIGH (turn built in led on) with

    set D13 to LOW (turn built in led off) with

    read D13 state with

    read analog input A4 with