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autokeyboard is both a library and a standalone application to automate keyboard actions. It listens to global hotkeys and generates keyboard events that mimic user keyboard interactions to the current application.


Press a key combination and it executes a system command. Simple as that. Can launch programs, run scripts or do any wacky thing your OS console allows.

Text Shortcuts

Types a given text excerpt when a shortcut is pressed. Useful for canned replies and filling out form data. Supported charset is very limited at the moment.

Generic Shortcuts

Simulates a whole chain of arbitrary keypresses when the shortcut is invoked. Useful for automating tasks.


Used to speed up keys. When a "turboed" key is held, it emits hold and release events pretending it is being constantly pressed. To turbo a key, just press the key while holding the turbo shortcut. Doing so again clears the modification.

The name comes from the button available in a few video game controllers that does the same thing, so you can guess this is perfect for games.


One shortcut starts recording, another stops recording and the third will playback everything you recorded. Simple, efficient, tremendously useful. The playback is done at the same speed recorded or you can configure a speed factor (try 0 for instant replay).

Because it handles the internal events and there is no description/letter to keycode conversion required, this feature should be the most reliable, working on any keyboard layout, application and key combination.