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Pythonic 2D matrix data type. This is a generic data structure with all the operations you would expect:

m = Matrix(2, 3) # 2 rows, 3 columns, filled with None.
m = Matrix([[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6]]) # Exactly what you expect.

# Access with (row, col) indices.
m[0,1] # Element at row 0, column 1.
m[-1,-1] # Element at last row, last column.
m[(0,1):(2,3)] # Two dimensional slice returns a new Matrix.

# Or by absolute elements, like a list.
m[5] # Element at index 5, regardless of rows and columns.
m[2:] # From the element 2 until the end.

7 in m # Searches for elements.

# You can also set values using the techniques above:
m[1:-1] = list(m[:(2,2)]) # I have no idea what this means, but it works!

# Helper methods are also provided:
m.addcol(2, [7, 8]) # Adds column at index 2, filling with elements 7 and 8.
m.addrow(0) # Adds a new first row, with None values.
m.removerow(0) # Removes the row we added. x: x**2) # Returns matrix with squared elements.

# 1 2 7 4
# 5 5 8 6

This is a simple data structure. It's not supposed to hold large amounts of data or be used in linear math.


Pythonic 2D matrix data type



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