A simulator for visualising the evolution of π-calculus terms
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Stargazer: A π-calculus simulator

This is a JavaScript, D3.js powered simulator for the π-calculus, a process algebra modelling concurrency and mobility.

I am releasing it for didactic purposes.

License License

Stargazer by Emanuele D'Osualdo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

I would appreciate if you contacted me before using the simulator in presentations/other material. Note that the current version is experimental and distributed as is. A new, open-sourced version will be released at some point.


You can use the syntax of π-calculus with the ascii notation:

  • Actions α.P
    • Output: x<y1,...,yn>.P
    • Input: x(y1,...,yn).P
    • Internal: tau.P
  • The inactive process: 0 or zero (it can be omitted after an action: α.zero can be abbreviated α)
  • Parallel: P | Q
  • Guarded Sum (M): α1.P1 + … + αn.Pn
  • Process call: P[y1,...,yn]
  • Restriction: new y1,...,yn.P
  • Process definition: P[y1,...,yn] := M

Parentheses can be used to group actions, for example: x(y).x(z) + x<a> is different from x(y).(x(z) + x<a>).

Your program should have the form


Where INIT is a process and DEFS is a sequence of definitions.

You should write normalised programs: the initial term should not contain sums and only the top-level of each definition should be a sum. For example:

new x,y.(A[x] | B[x,y])
A[x] := x(u).new z.(A[u] | B[u,x] | C[z,u])
B[x,y] := x<y>

is normalised, but

new x,y.(A[x] | x<y>)
A[x] := new z.x(u).(A[u] | u<x>| C[z,u])

is not since the initial term contains a sum x<y>, and so does the continuation in the definition of A[x]. Moreover the definition of A[x] contains a restriction at top level which is not allowed: if you need it there, move it outside in the call of A[x], otherwise consider if you meant to use it under a prefix.

Process calls A[x] where A is not defined, will be treated as if the definition was A[x] := 0.

Another important restriction: the free names of the body of a definition have to be bound by the definition's head! This means that the definition A[x] := x(y).(z<y> | A[y]) is not valid because z occurs free in the body but is not in the argument list. To fix the definition you have to include it as in A[x,z] := x(y).(z<y> | A[y,z]).


You can find an example suite of π-calculus programs at http://gist.github.com/bordaigorl/6e54093b297c0f9df01d0c82f65b89f6

Any Gist can be loaded in Stargazer by using the gist parameter. For example, to try the above Gist you can go to


You can create your own Gist and open it in the same way. A Gist can contain any number of programs (with extension .pi), each accompanied by an optional JSON configuration file with the same name but extension .json.