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Gif-deleting Slackbot
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Slackbot that automatically detects gifs posted in channels and deletes them. This bot was built with the node-slackbot module by Richard McDaniel.


You must have node.js installed for this to work.
You must be your Slack's team owner or have access to their authentication token in order for this bot to work

  • create a bot user intergration here.
  • create an authentication token here (make sure you are the team's owner).
  • clone this repo in Terminal while in your desired directory: git clone
  • cd into the directory cd copcraig
  • create an environmental variable SLACK_API_TOKEN that equals to the token generated from step 1.
  • create an environmental variable TEAM_OWNER_TOKEN that equals to the token generated from step 2.
  • run node index.js
  • invite copcraig into your desired Slack group.


Huge thanks to Thom Page for the idea and Craig Ramey for letting me use his photo and name!

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