A Google Chrome extension for easier web browsing.
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WinGen is an extension for Google Chrome offering the following functions for easy web browsing:

  • By clicking down a hyperlink for a while, WinGen opens the page in a new window without using a context menu. This is especially useful for Mac users as they must show the context menu for “open in new page” by control+clicking with the both hands. WinGen uses only one.
  • WinGen could disable a forced new window. With WinGen, simply clicking a hyperlink with the attribution target=“_blank” won’t show the page in a new window.
  • As a optional function in the context menu, WinGen makes a hyperlink enabled/disabled. This is intended for users to copy/paste a part of string literals within the hyperlink. Without WinGen they must look inside the html source to do so.

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WinGen is provided under the terms of the MIT license.