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Candy Crisis by John Stiles ¥ÊCandy Crisis 1.2 (Open Source re-release) Ñ A newer version of libmikmod is included with this release. This solves an issue on some Mac OS X 10.4 machines where music would play at twice its normal pitch/tempo. ÑÊAlthough this version is now open-source and free, the application itself has not been updated, so it still contains a "register now" dialog when started up. See the Read Me for a code that you can use to enable the full version of the game and disable the shareware notice. ¥ÊCandy Crisis 1.2 Ñ The system requirements for Candy Crisis have changed. The minimum classic Mac OS system is now Mac OS 8.1 plus CarbonLib 1.0.4 or later. (Sorry, System 7.x is no longer supported.) The Mac OS X minimum system version is still 10.0.3. Ñ Registrations are now being processed by Word of Mouse Games. As part of this change, the format of the registration codes used by Candy Crisis codes has changed. If you previously purchased a code, it will not work with this new version. However, we'll be more than happy to send a working code to you at no chargeÑjust write to with your registered user name and old code. (If you have the original e-mail from Kagi, please forward that as well.) We'll send you a new code right away. ¥ÊCandy Crisis 1.1 Ñ The game has been Carbonized for Mac OS X. This update requires a minimum of Mac OS 8.6 and CarbonLib 1.3 or later; if your system is older, you should definitely continue to use Candy Crisis 1.0. On Mac OS X, version 10.0.3 or later is required; earlier versions will not work properly due to bugs in the OS. Ñ Candy Crisis has a new system for music playback, "libmikmod." This change was necessary because the previous music library, ZSS, has not been Carbonized for Mac OS X, and the author can no longer be reached. You may notice that the music sounds slightly different now. Also, if you remove the "libmikmod" file from the Candy Crisis folder, the game will no longer be able to start up. libmikmod is open-source software, covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License; see "MikMod License Info" for details. (Special thanks to Ian Ollmann for his contributions to libmikmod.) Ñ On some systems running Mac OS X 10.0.3 or 10.0.4, the cursor may display a few garbage pixels in it. This bug appears to be resolved in Mac OS X 10.1. ÑÊIf you choose "Register by Mail" on the registration screen or open the included "Register" application, Mac OS X will launch it via Classic mode. Sorry, but this component was developed by Kagi and has not been Carbonized for Mac OS X yet. ¥ÊCandy Crisis 1.0 Ñ The game was renamed "Candy Crisis" to avoid trademark issues. Ñ Holding "option" at game startup will now let you set up advanced options. There are two options: "Allow background tasks" and "Don't change resolutions." Ñ The title screen now has a button for setting up your controls, by popular request. Ñ Fixed a bug which caused the game to occasionally report "Player 1 got best combo" when Player 2 really got it (or vice versa). ÑÊFixed a rare bug which could cause the game to fail to display the "Game Over" screen after the game ended, until the user explicitly chose "End Game." Ñ Fixed a minor bug which would occasionally cause the game to give more Magic Skittles than expected. ÑÊMinor stability improvements. ¥ÊSkittles 2.0.2 Ñ Fixed a bug which could cause the Best Combo to become corrupted and display a nonsensical move, or the ending credits. Ñ When continuing the game in single player mode, your score is now rolled back to what it was when you first started the round. This makes the high scores more fair; previously, less talented players could get higher scores than more talented players by continuing several times and racking up extra points. Ñ You can now clear the high score tables to their default values by holding the Delete key on your keyboard while clicking "High Scores" on the main screen. Ñ Cleaned up some minor glitches in the Controls dialog, and added a small diagram to clarify which controls are for player one, and which are for player two. Ñ Fixed some bugs related to the bomb pieceÑin particular, it was giving players too many points in certain circumstances, and was not properly displaying its point total when it landed. Ñ Fixed a rare bug which could cause the game to roll the credits, then stick on a black screen until you hit cmd-Q. Ñ Fixed a very rare bug which could occasionally cause three phantom invisible pieces to appear on the edge of the board. ¥ÊSkittles 2.0.1 Ñ Added "Best Combo" option to the high scores. Now Skittles 2 will keep track of the best chain reaction ever made, and let you replay it at any time. Ñ The background for level 8 was redesigned from scratch. Ñ Enhanced the aggressiveness of the computer AI on higher levels. Now the computer takes more risks, but also seems to win more often and stalemate less. Ñ The game will no longer crash after the first pair of Skittles hits the floor. (This bug only affected a very small percentage of Macs.) ÑÊWorked around a bug in System 7 which caused the cursor to display as solid black on some Macs. Ñ Fixed the InputSprocket dialog so that it will properly display icons along with the text labels. ÑÊFixed the display positioning on original PowerBook G3s and other Macs which cannot use 640x480 resolution. Ñ Fixed a very rare flickering effect exhibited by slower Macintoshes. ¥ÊSkittles 2.0.0 - Initial release.