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// BundleResourceSupport.h
// icon-extract
// Created by Peter Hosey on 2011-10-29.
// Copyright (c) 2011 Peter Hosey. All rights reserved.
#pragma options align=packed
struct ResourceIDPair {
ResID localID;
ResID resourceID;
struct BundleLocalIDToToResourceIDMappingList {
ResType resourceType; //In the file reference mapping, always 'FREF'
UInt16 mappingCount;
struct ResourceIDPair mappings[1];
struct BundleResource {
ResType applicationSignature;
ResID applicationSignatureResourceID;
UInt16 arrayCount;
struct BundleLocalIDToToResourceIDMappingList iconMappingList;
struct BundleLocalIDToToResourceIDMappingList frefMappingList;
#pragma options align=reset