Autologin script for public console DCSS servers
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DCSS public server autologin script

This bash script uses GNU screen to facilitate automated logging into dgamelaunch-based public DCSS console servers (webtiles do not need this as they can use the browser's facilities). The script is configured by using environment variables. I recommend creating small shell script similar to this:


env \
  DCSS_TERM=putty-256color \
  DCSS_HOST="" \
  DCSS_USER="MyUserName" \
  DCSS_PASS="Pa$$w0rd123" \

Note, that SSH client must be configured so that it asks no questions during establishing the session. That means that you must setup pubkey authentication (and the server must support it).

The variables explained:

  • DCSS_TERM is terminal type. This variable is optional and can be used terminal type to be used with the new screen session in which the game is started.

  • DCSS_SCRNO is GNU screen's window number. You must use unused window, so choose something higher, like above 10 or so, to avoid conflicts.

  • DCSS_HOST is hostname of the DCSS server or SSH alias (configured in .ssh/config).

  • DCSS_USER is your player name on the server

  • DCSS_PASS is your password on the server