Optware packaging based on subversion revision 13119
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Optware Software Packaging

This Optware fork adds support for the ASUSTOR NAS and it's based on the original subversion repository, revision 13119.

What ASUSTOR targets are supported

  • i686 NAS : ASUSTOR AS-20xT/AS-20xTE/AS-30xT
  • x86_64 NAS : ASUSTOR AS-60xT


Compiling is done on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit and 64-bit. Install the following packages and you will be fine to start with:

sudo apt-get install gcc git cvs flex bison make pkg-config rsync gettext libglib2.0-dev \
	autoconf libtool automake automake1.9 sudo patch bzip2 gzip wget sed texinfo subversion

How to build a package

  1. checkout (or fork) this repository

    git clone https://github.com/boretom/optware.git optware
  2. prepare the target, where target can be either asustor-i686 or asustor-x86_64

    $ cd optware
    $ make asustor-i686-target
    $ cd asustor-i686 && make directories toolchain ipkg-utils optware-bootstrap-ipk
  3. build a package, e.g. md5deep. See directory optware/make for available packages

    $ make md5deep

Create IPK file for a package

$ make md5deep-ipk

Create package index

$ make index

The above command copies all created IPK files to the packages subdirectory and builds the three packages index files Packages, Packages.gz and Packages.filelist. The content of the packages folder could be copied to the feed directory which which ipkg can work.