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A full implementation of Python string formatting in JavaScript.
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Provides a full implementation of Python style string formatting for JavaScript as outlined in the Python documentation:

The function comes attached to String, and you may use it like that:

String.format( "I have %d apples, and %d pears.", [ 13, 10 ] );

It supports a simple argument:

String.format( "I have %d apples.", 9 );

If you want to move the function to string prototype where, arguably, it may be more useful:

String.prototype.format = function () {
  return String.format( this, arguments );

"I have %d apples, and %d pears..".format( 9, 12 );

Additionally, the function support a noConflict method which allows you to unassign it from String and into whatever name you want.

$.format = String.format.noConflict();
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