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A simple word game. Find as many words as possible from a given set before time runs out.
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Orðavinda is a simple JavaScript word game. Given a set of 6 letters, the player must use them to find as many valid words as possible before time runs out. In order to qualify to play the next round, the player must guess at least one of the 6 letter word combinations.

The game is written as an entry to Þú átt orðið, a contest in creating solutions exploiting the Icelandic declension dictionary (BÍN). As such it is icelandic-centric but can with minimal effort be made to work with other languages.

The Game

The game must be run from a web server to work as it fetches levels via an Ajax request. The game logic is comprised of 3 parts:

  • vinda.js - The main game logic.
  • utils.js - JavaScript utility functions.
  • vinta.sounds.js - Sound extension for the game.

The game requires jQuery JavaScript library to run. Additionally the Soundmanager2 library is needed to enable sound support.

The levels have been cut down to a single demonstration level. You will need to build a level collection using the tools provided.

Why are the levels not included?

The current license for BÍN does not allow redistribution or relicensing of the data under an open license. This may change in the future, in which case the levels will be bundled with source.

You currently need to opt-in to the BÍN license, download it for yourself, and then build the levels with the tools provided. Users are urged to adapt the game for more languages buy building levels for other dictionaries.

How to build the levels:

  1. Download and unzip the BÍN data. Specifically:

  2. Run on SHsnid.csv to produce a manageable filtered subset of the dictionary:

    $ python SHsnid.csv > dictionary.txt

  3. Run on the output to produce the levels.

    $ python dictionary.txt a The output will be a large collection of JSON files, each one representing a single level, written to the game/level directory.

  4. Open the game in your browser.


The game and all it's parts not specifically marked as such are licensed with the GPL free software licence.

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