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Ansible role to set up Borg and Borgmatic
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Ansible Role: BorgBackup Client

An Ansible Role that sets up automated remote backups on the target machine. Uses BorgBackup and Borgmatic. Currently supports Debian/Ubuntu and CentOS/RHEL/Fedora.

Role Variables

Required Arguments

  • borg_repository: Full path to repository. Your own server or repo.
  • borg_source_directories: List of local folders to back up.

Optional Arguments

  • borg_encryption_passphrase: Password to use for repokey or keyfile. Empty if repo is unencrypted.
  • borgmatic_config_name: Name to use for the borgmatic config file. Defaults to config.yml
  • borgmatic_large_repo: Does repo-checking on a weekly basis instead of daily. Good for repos with 100GB+ size.
  • borgmatic_failure_command: Run this command when an error occurs. E.g. curl -s -F "token=xxx" -F "user=xxx" -F "message=Error during backup"
  • borg_exclude_patterns: Paths or patterns to exclude from backup. See official documentation for more.
  • borg_one_file_system: Don't cross file-system boundaries. Defaults to true
  • borg_exclude_from: Read exclude patterns from one or more separate named files, one pattern per line.
  • borg_ssh_command: Command to use instead of just "ssh". This can be used to specify ssh options.
  • borg_encryption_passcommand: The standard output of this command is used to unlock the encryption key.
  • borg_retention_policy: Retention policy for how many backups to keep in each category (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

Example Playbook

- hosts: webservers
  - role: borgbackup
    borg_encryption_passphrase: CHANGEME
      - /srv/www
      - /var/lib/automysqlbackup
      - /srv/www/old-sites
      keep_hourly: 3
      keep_daily: 7
      keep_weekly: 4
      keep_monthly: 6

Planned features

  • Testing via vagrant
  • Multiple repos in one role-call instead of callng this role multiple times.
  • Support more OSs, like Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS, SuSE, Gentoo, Slackware, Arch, BSD




Manuel Riel. Created for - Simple and Secure Hosting for your Borg Repositories.

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